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Blockonomics: Effortless Bitcoin Payments

Blockonomics is a leading payment solutions provider that allows users around the world to accept and track Bitcoin payments effortlessly. With over 40,000 users worldwide, the platform offers fast and secure payment solutions through Direct to Wallet payments. By using Blockonomics, small business owners can take control of their BTC funds and avoid the greed of banks. The company prides itself on being open, with its code available on GitHub for others to improve upon and promote collaboration. Blockonomics started in 2014 as a way to track Bitcoin transactions and has since grown to offer various Bitcoin payment plugins and tools.

Blockonomics offers a hassle-free way to accept Bitcoin payments for online sales, enabling businesses to receive payments directly into their wallets with no KYC documentation required. The platform ensures that users are paid in the correct BTC amount according to the current Bitcoin price by invoicing in fiat and receiving payment in Bitcoin. Moreover, with a wallet watcher feature, users can track multiple wallets and addresses and receive email notifications when transactions occur.

In 2020, Blockonomics co-sponsored WordCamp Prague 2020, which had 4000+ active Wordpress installs, and in 2021, it became an official partner of Prestashop, highlighting its reliability and standing in the payments industry. With the most rated and used Bitcoin WHMCS plugin, Blockonomics has solidified its position as a robust and dependable payment solution. In conclusion, Blockonomics is a remarkable ecommerce payment solution, providing a reliable, fast, and secure platform for Bitcoin payment processing. The company's emphasis on transparency, openness, and fair pricing demonstrates its belief in the potential of Bitcoin to help people worldwide, especially small businesses, to achieve more significant financial freedom.

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